Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembrance of photos past, #1

Monica Vitti
Idling through the net -- as one does -- I just chanced on this photo of Monica Vitti. A blast from the past indeed, as I had a copy of that very shot on my wall as a student for a couple of years.

I fairly recently saw L'Avventura again after a gap of many, many years. I'm not sure why, but I wasn't really expecting the film to stand up after four decades, and predicted that it would seem too mannered and pretentious. But I was bowled over anew: bleak but stunning still. And Monica Vitti so beautiful and touching ...

While I couldn't possibly condone downloading it, I notice that -- in the absence of a DVD for the UK -- a torrent of L'Avventura is indexed at mininova.org. [Revised: The photo now links to a somewhat larger version. For a few more photos, search this blog for "Monica Vitti"! ]

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a said...

You can buy a PAL version from the amazon.fr site:


It's sure (!) to have French sub-titles, and perhaps English one's as well.