Sunday, April 27, 2008


You can download mp3s of the whole Portishead set at the Coachella Festival yesterday in California from here

And, of course, YouTube has videos of various quality from concerts on the ongoing tour. What I find bizarre is the typical amount of crowd noise -- talking, talking, utterly misplaced whoops and cheers, talking, talking, during songs. What, I ask grumpily, is the point of going and not listening? It would drive me mad being there. It puzzles the band too: "It's hard sometimes playing your music when you can hear people chatting away." I bet.

Anyway, here are two particularly good studio videos, unadulterated with audience noise: We carry on (from BBC, Later) and Magic Doors (from their show). And the CD is out tomorrow ...


machinehuman said...

Thanks for sharing.
All the best!

Andy said...

Just bought the album off iTunes. I like what I hear so far. Faster paced that their previous work, or is it just me? More poppy than before? Bit of an electroclash influence in there? I really like it. My favourite track is The Rip, which means I'll hate it in a few months' time and prefer one of the darker pieces. Deep Water's a delightful surprise. This album deserves to do well.