Friday, October 24, 2008

The Gowers' Companion/Davenport's Higher Arithmetic

Tim Gowers's Princeton Companion to Mathematics -- which has been available from Amazon USA for a discounted price for a little while -- is now available at a 25% discount from Amazon UK. Hooray! I've sent off for it and will no doubt be commenting here.

Meanwhile, to get in practice for reading a stack of mathematics (outside the logician's usual diet, for once), I'm devouring Davenport's The Higher Arithmetic which has just appeared in the C.U.P. bookshop in its new eighth edition. I first read chunks of this a long time ago as a schoolboy: and it's old-style mode of presentation -- mercifully without Bourbachiste over-formalization -- is a delight. I'd of course entirely forgotten most of this stuff: some of it is very pretty!

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