Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back to Parsons

Well, "blogging at a snail's pace'' is all well and good, but my posts about Parsons have recently ground to a complete halt. Sorry about that. Pressure of other things. But I'm back on the case, now with the pressure of a deadline, and so here is a significantly expanded/improved version of my posts on the first four chapters of his Mathematical Thought and Its Objects. I'll post on the next three chapters over the coming week. And then comment on the last two chapters the following week.

All comments will be very gratefully received as I'm going to be mining these long ruminations for a critical notice of the book.


Ricky said...

I can't parse the sentence at the bottom of p. 5 beginning "But, though he is not entirely clear..."

Peter Smith said...

Yes, there was a word adrift in what was already a rather contorted sentence. I've rewritten the paragraph hereabouts. Thanks!