Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twitter is sometimes not entirely frivolous

I was amused by the kids twittering away at the Joint Session (like third-formers passing notes in the back row) -- some very good pics too. Mildly fun to see what I was missing. If not exactly useful.

However, a recent tweet from Robbie Williams did very interestingly point out that the first vol. of Saul Kripke's papers has been announced. I'll believe it, though, when I see it.

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Aatu Koskensilta said...

Should the rumour be true, and should the volume contain any of the fabled unpublished stuff, this is a sad day indeed. Part of the charm in perusing Kripke's outpourings indupitably derives from picturing the indecipherable scribblings, unpublished lecture notes, privately circulated Xeroxed monographs, midnight phone conversations, and so on, in which, as we often learn from his footnotes, many an important argument is fully spelled out, many a result proved. The real thing can't possibly live up to the expectations...